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Does Airholder support iPhone6 Plus?

Apple has released a few amazing products recently.

Many customers are curious whether the Airholder supports them.

We confirm here that the Multicase and Airholder supports iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2.

We support the much beloved iPhone 6 Plus too!


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MultiCase (Pre-order Now)

Introducing our latest product, the MultiCase, a one size fits all tablet casing for the AirHolder.
We are accepting pre-orders now, with a discount of course. :)
Previously, we had only made cases available to iProducts, we have now reached a wider span of market.
Find out more at:


Special New Year Offer 2013 for the Airholder (End)


Cyber Monday Savings Alert! (End)


Aircase for iPad mini is available now

Clothing for a prince, just as how the King received such comfort.
The iPad mini called for a mini AirCase , definitely.
A transparent finish to show the iPad's mini beautiful surface.
This new case is available on our online store in now.



Limited time offer for Airholder Combo!

Hello all! 
So far, our AirHolder has received wonderful support from everyone!
and thus, we would like to thank everyone by presenting a USD $20 discount coupon when purchasing an AirHolder combo :)
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Happy shopping!
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The timeless gen 1 iPad just got an upgrade from 2012, neat huh?

Many Apple fans are still satisfied with the original iPad for its legendary function are, as I'd already mentioned, timeless. 
So to keep the timelessness going, we've made the AirHolder a share in such honour too.
With an AirCase that fits the gen 1 iPad, the wonderful device that touched everyone first hand will now upgrade itself handsfree.
Float away in the timelessness, shall we?



Articles about the AirHolder from iPad world and fivefreeapps

To our pleasure, the AirHolder has received some positive feedback and an article has been written for it!

Do take a look via the links below.

iPad world article on the AirHolder

Look Mom, No Hands! Review Of AirHolder, The Hands-Free iPad Holder


Issue regarding our AirCase

Hello all, we have an important announcement regarding the quality of our AIRCASE. 

We have only ONE SIZE FIT ALL white or black AirCase for iPad2 and the new iPad. 

The 4 buckles enable easy removal so that user may also use their own protective case, the AirCase serves mainy as a connection to the AirHolder & AirLock.

When your iPad is secured within the AirCase, there WILL be a small gap and slight curve at the sides of the AirCase so that it is flexible enough to remove and mount unto the AirHolder.

The design of AirCase is not meant to prevent specks of dust from entering, its main purpose is to serve as a connection to the AirHolder & AirLock.

We admit that our AirCase is not perfect, it is unable to fufil 100% of what a protective case does. It breaks falls because of its thick sides but it can't keep dust away. All the more, being a connection case reduces its protection ability, we hope we cleared and clarified that and we're very sorry for the inconvenience.

We appreciate any feedback from both customers and competitors so we may improve our product quality. 

Below is a picture of the gaps.


Hah! the toilet!

here's another shout out to a certain user out there that posted a picture, in macrumors, of our product in a most unexpected place :O, :D. 

Yes, I know this hansfree feature excites 'em guys out there :X

Have a happy time using our product everyone :)


Parts arrival

span class="full-image-block ssNonEditable">

The many parts of an AirHolder arrived from the factory last morning. Assembly of the parts will give us many AirHolders to deliver. :) We look forward to assembling your personal AirHolder too, one day.


News on black AirHolder

Hello all, we would like to make an announcement on our black AirHolder stock status.

Since ordering feedback has been good, we have no black AirHolder left!

Thus, new orders of black AirHolders can only be delivered on or after 8 June 2012.

We are pleased to know that our product has been of such service to everyone :)

*credits to SweeTinkle for the above photo