iPad and tablet casing for all kinds of tablets (iPad/Android/ Windows Tablet)



Multicase 2                 35.99 USD


One for all, all for one

The one-size-fits-all tablet casing clasps your tablet firmly.

The only issue now is which tablet you plan on enjoying and
you're good to go.


  • Compatible with any tablets between 5.5" and 1 2.9" . ( e.g. iPhone 6 Plus, iPad mini 1/2/3, iPad Air 1/2 , Galaxy Note Pro 12.2", Surface Pro3, iPad Pro", Android and Window Tablet ......even tablet with case. )
  • 2 color available ( Black or White )
  • Tablet Maximum thickness: 16mm
  • Tablet Maximum weight: 900g
  • Casing with AirLock system
  • Material: Engineering Plastic and TPU
  • Weight: 180g



Using the MultiCase 2 properly

You'd find this short video below useful in fitting and removing the tablet with the MultiCase 2


Features of the MultiCase 2


Wider Range of support

with an extendable portion whilst utilising the spring system, tablets between 5.5" and 12.9"(including tablets already fitted with protective cases) can be grasped firmly, even. That's about most of the tablets out there.



Sturdy clips to grasp

TPU(thermoplastic polyurethane) coated to provide more friction so your tablet won't slip around. Also very safe for direct contact with the tablet. 



 Rubber pad for tablet protection

Your tablet should stay as mint as possible, the last thing you'd want are scratches on them. We have tablets too, we know the pinch.


Compatible with





...and many more

MultiCase 2 tablet clasp table

  tablet length (including cases if it have), L (mm) suitable tablet
150 < L < 180 iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 1/2, Galaxy Note 2 5.5", Galaxy tab 2 10.1,
Kindle fire HD 8.9" , Windows surface, Sony S series ,
Assus Padfone2 , Assus TF101G, Nexus 10
180 < L < 198 iPad1, iPad2/3/4, Galaxy Tab 2 7",
Galaxy tab 7.7" ,Kindle fire ,
Assus TF700T , Assus TF300T
198 < L < 225 iPad mini 1/2/3, Nexus 7 , Galaxy tab 8.0", Galaxy Note Pro 12.2"
Surface Pro3, iPad Pro 9.7"/12.9"
                        maximum thickness: 16mm                                                    Tablet Maximum weight: 900gram