The size of tablets are attractive enough to put away that bulky laptop you once deemed sufficient. Their size further brings safety, convenience and comfort. You realise you found something more fulfilling. To further enhance your digital experience, the AirHolder provides a handsfree support for your tablet. Equipped with an internal charging system so you lose the hassle of having a dangling wire by the bed side. Your stay will be much more enjoyable.




We are all familiar with how the usefulness of a tablet is increasing with each passing day. You explain the situation to a patient by showing images, 3d scans, reference resources all from your tablet. You access the patient's infrastructure support network to retrieve examination reports or order some meds on the go.
The AirHolder works as a great handsfree support for your new gadget. A great accessory to add to your workplace.


The neck pain you experience due to looking downwards too much may be a slight problem you overlook, but in the long run, it could be the reason why you have an appointment with your neighbourhood's doctor. The AirHolder's many customisable positions would allow you to rest your body any way you want. Many optimal viewing angles of your tablet is to your grasp.