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Airholder folded dimension 


To scale view (recommended positions)

The following pictures show the real scale of an AirHolder to an average Queen-sized bed.


Installation guide

The AirHolder is secured tightly to the wall by self drilling screws.

A cut to scale stencil for the drilling of screws is provided.

Please note that there are two seperate stencils each specifically

for concrete or solid wood/ wood stud.

                   *note that the picture above is NOT to scale


Operating guide

Loosen the fastener before extending an arm section.


Extend an arm section by pulling outwards.


This safety lock at the AirLock prevents the AirCase/Firecase and tablet from falling.

The 3 different joints allow a large span of movement.

You can charge the tablet while in use as there is a connection port at one arm's section.

A dual USB cable is provided.


Please note:
For new iPad and iPad 4 , despite plugging in the charger, it may display that it is "Not Charging". It is indeed being charged though.


 Recommended positions

Below are recommended positions to install the AirHolder, we believe these positions are most comfortable.


To-dos and not-to-dos


Please refrain from positioning the tablet (connected to the mount of the AirHolder) directly above the head.

This is to prevent the possible hazaed of  the tablet falling unto the head due to:

- improper installation of the tablet

- AirLock is not secured

- tablet's faulty surface/dents



AirCase & AirKey assemble