iPad and tablet holder for all kinds of tablets (iPad/Android/ Windows Tablet)



 Airholder      Combo price start from 120USD


A bedside tablet holder that keeps your iPad and tablet afloat. 
An arm that stretches throughout an approximate 80% of your bed, securing the tablet for comfort and ease. 
Takes away stiff necksore arms and back ache.

Reading material, watching videos and playing games would become a greater anticipation.


  • Compatible with ( Aircase for iPad2/3/4 ) and ( Multicase 2  for tablets from 5.5" to 1 2.9". e.g. iPhone 6 Plus, iPad mini 1/2/3,  iPad Air 1/2, Galaxy Note Pro 12.2", Suface Pro3, iPad Pro 9.7"/12.9" ...... ) 
  • Installation kit provided for easy installation ( User Manual )
  • Stable extended arm ( 42cm - 120cm ) with fastener
  • Smooth extension of each arm
  • Safety lock at AirLock to prevent tablet from falling
  • Dual USB cable provided for charging
  • Compact form for minimum space
  • Material: nylon + fiber glass and aircraft aluminum
  • Weight: 2kg

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Rotate about AirLock

     Compact form

  Charge conveniently

AirHolder's Features

Wide span of radius covered
Longest known arm on the market, the AirHolder's arm stretches >1 metre, approximately 80% of your bed. As your body shifts due to the fatigue of staying in one position too long, so must our AirHolder adapt.


Stable extended arms

Unbeknownst what tablet you'll be using, 
the arms of the AirHolder were designed to withstand the force of your swing, push, pull and many other needs. It supports your tablet and provides you an excellent handsfree service, just try not to hang laundry on it.





Rotate anywhere, anyhow, anyway you want

green for the 360º ball rotation, red for the 180º vertical rotation and blue for the 180º horizontal rotation. It may be a little difficult to picture so you may take a look at some of our videos.



Safety lock so your tablet won't fall

Your tablet's the most important thing. Although there's already a lock when you push it into the mount, this safety lock acts as a second layer of protection.



It's chargeable too

because we know sometimes the wire isn't long enough. A dual usb cable is provided for the USB port further back in the picture. Plug your tablet charger in the USB port at the other end of the extended arm.


Compact form for minimum space
No one like a long pole sticking out of nowhere for no reason. Retract and fold when not in use, as simple as that.



Compatible with cases fitted with the AirLock system
The handsfree service our AirHolder provides can only be utilised if the tablet casing has the AirLock system.



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