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Being fans of Apple products ourselves, we spend more time swiping the screen of an iPad than we think we do. It didn't take long before we noticed the tablet was used mostly in bed and that, subconsciously, we have devised countless positions to hold the tablet comfortably, attempting to eliminate problems such as shoulder discomfort and neck pain. The idea then dawned upon us, "how great would it be if the tablet was secured afloat in front for usage, giving our arms a moment of rest" Thus, we found this company, with the AirHolder (Pat. Pending) being our first product



I think it would be nice to know about the team that brought the AirHolder (Pat. Pending) to life, no? We are two simple men with lives not much out of the ordinary. There's where the problem lies, not much out of the ordinary. Therefore, by a slight inspiration from the discomfort of supporting the iPad, we decided to be adventurous. In order to confirm the AirHolder's capability, I had my wife use the prototype for 4 months. One evening, I borrowed the AirHolder for awhile. It came as a pleasant shock to me, more than pleasant actually, when she gave this reply, "What? you need the AirHolder? No way." How she had now seen the AirHolder as a permanant must-have alongside the iPad made me realise we were headed in the right direction.


The Idea

We created the AirHolder (Pat. Pending) with a single idea in mind; the usefulness of the product had to outshine its appearance. Sure, product design is important, but what's the good of a beautiful product that snaps after a day or two? Look good but work better, that sounded attractive an idea before we put our hands to work. Going green came along the way; you wouldn't toss away a product that is functioning well (and looking good too), would you?